the essential remains

In 1809, Friedrich painted Monk by the Sea, the main work of German Romanticism. A century and a half later, Rothko invited us to discover the inner landscape: to be the eyes of the monk or, rather, to close our eyes and be the landscape. Finding the horizons within.

What was important was no longer the environment but the look, the essence, the colours of the soul. You can run away from a place and breathe in a new landscape, but you cannot run away from yourself.

The answer is not in the escape, but in the return. Not be original: be its origin. Don’t look for the idea: be the idea.

AT platea Consultants we manage
communication and reputation
considering the brands' essence

We believe that there is no effective communication without honesty. For too many years, too much value has been placed on originality, when originality is impossible without authenticity. Discovering the essence of a brand is the trigger for any honest communication. The landscape we are interested in is what is carried inside, before it is compared to the external landscape.

To differentiate and be credible is not possible without creating music amidst the noise: brands are becoming more and more similar, as are their benefits, and in this context uniqueness takes on value. Be genuine. To lack character is almost tantamount to non-existence.

It is necessary to restore the value of difference and look inside each brand, its raison d’être, its essence. The fashions change, but the essence remains.

Platea Consultants was born in this moment: the moment of communicative honesty. Brand reputation (personal or corporate) will no longer be about having the best dress, but about having the best look. We develop image and our message from within, to share them with the social environment with authenticity, sensitivity and excellence.



Specialists in communication management and corporate relations. We design, develop and execute high-impact communication strategies to boost the reputation of brands and individuals.

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We collaborate with the best professionals and companies and we do respond only to our clients’ interests. Our work is based on trust, commitment, and confidentiality.

We know about the social, legal, and economic environment and this is why we work for local and international companies that we help establish relationships based on trust, honesty and transparency with regulators.

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