we are
strategY makers

  • We are a reputation, strategy and branding consultancy based in Barcelona.
  • We specialise in innovative projects with high added value.
  • We create unique strategies that transform brands and companies.
  • We generate ideas and campaigns that create emotion, generate connections and change attitudes.
  • We are a team focused on making the everyday creative, the complex simple, and communication exciting.
  • We only get involved in projects that are innovative, challenging and have a positive impact.
  • We specialise in innovative projects with high added value.

We help our clients to manage their reputation using the most valuable asset of today’s world: communication. A tool that, when used well, strengthens your relationship with the environment and gains the trust of both other operators and the public.

We work by becoming strategic partners of our customers. We became familiar with your project and took it on as an internal challenge. We have worked with national and international companies and with projects that have generated a lot of public interest, but also with confidential projects, in areas such as sustainability, mobility, renewable energies, Smarticities, Fintech, hospitality, talent, fmcg, creativity and knowledge, urbanism, among others.

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Strategic Planning

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